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Thursday, December 23, 2004

On leave but wanted to go back to work...CRAZY

Working for 1 years plus, I was never the kind that apply for leaves and will not do so, because, I don‘t really have anything to do at home and I will be bored. At least having something to do in my company was good enough for me. Don‘t get me wrong, but I stay alone in KL, friends are mostly in Penang, family stay too far away and window shopping was never my thing. So the only thing that is closest to me is my colleagues and this company. Anyhow, my company did mention to me that I have to clear off my leave before the year end, which I did and end up having around 2 week of holidays. I plan to go back to my family but end up they all went for a vacation in China (so I end up alone again). Anyway, my leave started last two days, but I went back to my company (wearing shorts which are so weird) and joined my colleagues for lunch. The bad part was, I get scold by my own colleagues because they probably think I‘m the stupidest person in the whole world to come back to work when I was supposedly on leave. Toward some extend, they might be right, but having too much free time alone and nothing to do is really torturing. I keep insisting my colleagues to let me join them for lunch…hahaha, but I end up get scold anyway and I do really want to go back to work. Having to say that, I work as a programmer (not public relation or wedding planner which is more exciting job) and I definitely know that most programmers would rather spend their time away from computer if given the chances.

Anyway, the good part of having holidays is that I got a chance to redecorate my room and clean everything up. Another point to prove I‘m really crazy is that, I really wanted to buy Christmas tree. End up NOT…WHY??? Well, first of all, I‘m not a Christian, so it would be really weird having a Christmas tree and another reason was, it is too expensive and I can‘t really afford it. So, I end up using my color printer to print a A4 paper size Christmas tree…hahaha…how crazy is that and I put all my present below the Christmas tree picture (see pic above…nice???). I never had that many present before nor should I say, I never did once receive a present for Christmas (because I‘m a Buddhist). Actually, I bought myself something and wrap it up and plan to open it during Christmas. When suddenly, my friends gave me presents out of the blue, so I guess I don‘t really need my own present anymore (because to avoid being pathetic for myself…hahaha). I have a feeling that this Christmas is going to be a blast and something to be remembered. Cheer!!!


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