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Sunday, December 19, 2004


Weekend is killing me, period. Thing get worst when I have human-build-in clock that make me wake up at 7 am every Saturday and Sunday which mean I have 15 hour of nothing to do before I went to sleep at night. I really envy those people that can get back to sleep. It is like, Poof and they continue sleeping… my goodness, is there a spell or chanting to do this kind of trick. Well at least it would help minus for like 5 hour of my 15 hour of boringness. Even awake, I just lie down doing nothing and it seems forever but when I look at my clock, it is just pass 10 minutes. This is so shitty! Ok, so instead of lying around, I though that I should go for a nice dimsum for breakfast and read newspaper. I bought The Star and sit at the dimsum restaurant and start reading and eating. I read from political news (which is boring) to business section (even boring) to lifestyle (now this is interesting) to comic (which is my favorite) and to sport section (which is utterly the most boring section ever). Where else, speaking of dimsum, I could say that I eat up almost everything with 3 teapot of Chinese tea which cost me a BOMB and toward my horror, I do all that within 1 hour and it is only 8.30 am (SHIT!!!). So, this time, I decided to bring on the big gun by watching Anime (Full Metal Alchemist) to waste my time. Anyway, after watching for like 5 episodes and again, toward my horror, it is only f***king 1 pm. This time, I think I went from insanity to CooKoo… As usual, when I went CooKoo, the only solution is to go shopping which I did. I went to this shopping complex and bought myself a comic (uncanny X-men 453) and sit at Coffee Bean and enjoy my Mocha Frappuccinno. After finishing the comic and coffee, I walked the entire shopping complex from shop to shop including bookstore which I take the pleasure of not buying but standing and illegally reading it. After long session of standing plus my leg is aching, I sit down for some smoking session and watch a bunch of people performing a small concert. However, I noticed the sky is getting darker and was so happy to end the day but, when I got home, I saw my clock only show 4.30pm (F***K). That time, CooKoo couldn‘t even come close to who I am now. I start re-arranged and clean my room and do my laundry and when I finished, it is only 6 pm (OMIGAW…4 hours to go). Then, I went out again to buy dinner and this time, I ask the stall owner to cook really slowly and that I have plenty of time and he should cook for other first. Anyway, while waiting I was bored to death because the show they are showing in the TV is football. After a while of waiting, I got my food and went straight home and that no-good stall guy cook my stuff for only 15 minute plus me driving there and back. 6.30 pm and I purposely bath for 1 hour and for that, my skin get all wrinkles. 7.30 pm, I started eating my dinner accompany by watching The OC season 2. However, this show last for 1 hour which bring me to 8.30 pm and this time, I ran out of ideas what to do. Then it suddenly hit me that I can blog, which I‘m writing these boring journals now and finished it by 9 pm. I give up, I still couldn‘t sleep, it is not yet 10pm. Another 1 hour of suffering to go. I can‘t wait to go back to work. Weekend is killing me… at least during weekdays, I need to work, I got things to do. I HATE weekends!!!


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