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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Goodbye 2004...

Another 3 days to go and it officially end of year 2004. There comes a time for everything such as spring cleaning, summer holidays, special occasion but there are times especially at the year end, would be my very own “I know what I did this year“ season. It was year 2004, that I found a fabulous job (plus being confirmed at the mid year), having wonderful colleagues to share my laughter, move into a new beautiful home, having lots of wonderful parties, having great 2004 birthday, 2004 Christmas, and most of all, having a great 2004 was when I first discover “blog“. During the breakdown period in year 2003, I have a hard time letting go of my own pain and anger until I was suggested that writing a blog was the best therapy ever. Surprisingly, it did help a lot but I never knew that writing would the best thing that is happening to me (although I never did improve in my grammar). Not to mention, through blogs, I get inspire by many people out there to have such passion for writing. Whether it is about their life, jobs, their precious/sad moment, journal/article, and those wonderful pictures and it occur to me that, there are more to life than meet the eyes. Even with simple topics that happened everyday in our daily life, people could write it in such an interesting way and mostly it got us to wonder around thinking “Hey that happened to me too”. Anyway, I‘ve been writing blog for 1 year now and hopefully, life in 2005 could be better but still I will share it out in my blog…hahaha… Happy New Year Everyone!


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