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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crashing to work...

Like any usual morning, I turn on my car radio very loud and started my journey to work. The traffic was bad but at least it was ok and everything seem perfectly fine. As I was driving toward a corner, I step on my brake to slow down abit but suddenly, my whole car loose balance and start spinning 180 degree. During that horrified Merry-go-round, I felt that the time have died on me and everything seems slow motion. I was panic and yet, I can‘t control my own body. It is like, my body have betray me. While spinning, I saw this car coming right at me and it freak me out but luckily, the car was able to avoid me. Just as I was able to turn to the other side, I saw this huge wall coming right at me and then I CRASH. The moment I stoped, all I can think about is whether I‘m alive or not. Other car driver stop their car half way and ask whether I‘m ok or not and I was in total shock that time. Then as I just able to grab hold of myself, I walked out from my car to check on its condition. The front part of my car was in a total damage from banging into the wall but luckily, there weren‘t any damage to the engine. Just then, I went into my car and drove to work.


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