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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Christmas Shopping Spirit!!!

Being a lousy programmer, it is always a happy moment whenever I finished a module and for this case, I was able to produce a static gantt chart within a week. Not to say that I‘m proud of myself but it felt good and satisfying for completing something new. However, my pride moment was lost within 5 minute after most of my colleagues keep reminding me that it will be thrown away. Anyway, what make it more worthwhile was, Christmas is just around the corner and I knew that by completing this module won‘t bring me any worries during the holiday?s season. Speaking of holiday, surely there are sales everywhere and unfortunately, I‘m not the only one that agrees on this statement. The moment I drive out from my house, I stuck in a heavy traffic jam and I could say that in that particular day, I stuck on the road wasting for about 4 to 5 hour. However, when I step into the shopping complex, I say 4 things to myself. One, I must spend money to celebrate my module completion, second, shop till I drop to get over the fact my colleagues keep making me depress for telling me that my module will be thrown away in the next phase, third, must shop for holiday season and fourth, buy Christmas present for people I care. Basically, that what I did whole day plus some very fantastic lunch and dinner. I like the whole ideas of walking in the shopping complex with big bags and load of stuff and I‘m so proud of myself. Halfway through my shopping, I met this long-time-no-see friend and un-doubtfully she never change since the day I last saw her. She is still the same old loud speaker I knew. From a distance, once she opens her mouth, instantly you will know it is her. I still remember the good old time when I was visiting a friend which lives three blocks away from that loud speaker and seriously speaking, I could hear her voice. That girl didn‘t know the term speak softly is, she have to shout most of the time. I wonder why? Anyhow, meeting her was wonderful and the entire time with her, there is always laughter fill in the air. After one whole tiring session of traffic jam and shopping, I went back with all my goodies and the best part was, for Christmas purposes, I wrap the entire gift with different pattern. While wrapping, I felt happy and joyfull but the one thing that is missing was, I have no Christmas tree to put all my present. Well, my friends say that I‘m crazy for buying stuff for myself and wrap it up and then open it myself during Christmas day. Since they put it that way, I think it is sad…


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