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Monday, December 06, 2004

Christmas is coming but no snow...BAD!!!

December is probably one of my favorite month because Christmas and New Year
are just around the corner. I dunnu, but there is something magical about this
month that I really like except for the bad luck happened to me lately. However,
screw bad luck, Christmas is coming to town and I can‘t hardly wait for it. I
just LOVE buying and wrapping gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, home bake
cookies, hanging the cool red socks and a whole lots more. Although, truthfully,
I never did any of that because I‘m not a Christian and it might sound weird to
say all that but still, every single year, I wish that all of this could come
true or at least, I have a gift under the Christmas tree (which I never see one
before except in TV). Not only that, the one thing I like about Christmas is
also the SHOPPING SALES and Christmas season always produce good line of fashion
cloths and I seriously can‘t wait to dip my hand into it. The other day, I went
to this shopping complex and I was speechless. The entire ground floor fill up
with fake Christmas trees and whole loads of decorative accessories. I can see
many parents bring their kids around picking their Christmas tree, mix and match
all bunch of goodies, lights, and I felt really happy for them (actually, I‘m
jealous…hehehe). However, the one thing missing around here is SNOW…Such a
waste that in this very magical season, there is no snow around for me to
enjoy…to bad, but when there is "Real", there are "Fake". Heck, I never seen
fake snow either. What a shame… Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…I
do really hope that everyone is happy around this happy season…YOHOO!!!


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