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Friday, December 31, 2004

The best New Year of my 23 years of Living...

It is officially end of 2004 and although it is inappropriate for me to say this after the tsunami tragedy but celebrating this New Year was the best thing that is happened to me compare to my 23 years of living. My initial plan for this New Year was to bring my fabulous self to a fabulous place. I and I end up having a normal typical dating where we start off with watching movie (The Aviator) and then continue with a lovely dinner reservation at Chillis. It felt relaxing and self-satisfying with the margaritas, cosmopolitan, a few cigarette light on and a nice piece of well-done steak (I felt was the perfect date). Right after we finished our fabulous dinner, both of us was thinking of buying a red wine and go back and soak ourselves in a bubbly bath and start counting down for the New Year.

However, while I was busy buying the wine, one of my best friends called up and invites me to his New Year barbeque party. At first thought, I wanted to say no, because I hardly knew anybody there in his party (I felt very shy with people that I hardly know) but then, it is New Year and I shouldn't be that childish about the whole situation, so I said yes. As I reach his house with my fabulous self with a fabulous red wine as a present, I notice that the party consists of him and his girlfriend only. I was shock and on the same time feeling weird because at time likes this, shouldn't a couple be celebrating New Year together without any third party. However, being with them (although awkward) I felt comfortable and having a great time. After the barbeque, we plan to waste another 2 hour to New Year with watching Nicholas Cage's National Treasure Hunts movie.

However, before we could even watch the show, my best friend's parent came home. Unlike any parent, this parent was wild, friendly and full of surprise. Being around his parent, I didn't felt the pressure or tension but it felt like they are like your typical crazy friends. His mother especially, were funny, would joke about almost anything and saying dirty word is simply seem like a second nature to her. She then later, asks me to join them gambling which end up I loose around 30 buck but I was cool with it. When it was almost midnight, his mother pop up one Champaign, and she then insist that we start singing a song (I end up mime, because I don't know how to sing that song) and then followed up with countdown and everyone shout Happy New Year. His mother gave everyone a hug and although I hate to admit it, but I miss my own mum that particular time and wish that it was my mum that hugs me that time. Compare both our family, I really wish that my family were half of my best friend's family. My family doesn't celebrate anything and we are particularly very traditional. We don't gamble, we don't go out for a movie, we don't speak foul or dirty words, we won't joke about anything and my parents were very strict with manners. During dinner, we couldn't talk with our mouth full, eat with the correct manner, and we couldn't go out from the house after 7pm and must be in bed after 9pm because there isn't anything to entertain us (I know...boring). However, that was all in my past, I'm living alone in KL right now and having to celebrate an occasion with a family that is so different, exciting and wild, I felt really happy for my best friend and I felt even happier that he invites me to be part of it. Well, goodbye 2004 and although 2005 is still unpredictable for me, 2004 will always be remember to me as the best year ever compare to my 23 years of living.


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