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Saturday, December 25, 2004

An Adventure to CinaBeng land, Zombie Land but actually I'm in Hell...

On one beautiful night, I received a call from a friend of mine. Usually, from the caller ID, I already know what is he going to say and usually I would say no but after all, I tell myself that, he still a friend and going out supper with him shouldn‘t be that bad. So this time, I say yes. However, there is a slightest problem because idiotic of me, after I say yes, he ask me to find him in Ampang Jaya and I have no idea where and little do I know that, I started a new adventure to CinaBeng land. While I was on a phone with him, he gave me some major wrong direction which leads me to major wrong place. First, I end up in KL city area and second, when I thought that I was in the correct track, I end up at this village and it is freaking dark and quite. It is like that movie where people stuck in an area and then ghost fly out of nowhere…kinda like a zombie land in Michael Jackson‘s Thriller MTV and then there was this loud noise, I look closely in front, and saw this huge warehouse. It get even freakier, because from the look of it, it is like a secret laboratory that kidnapped human and lock them in chain, hang up high with blood dripping down and experiment it and turn them into zombies by some crazy scientist. I was shaking to my core and quickly u-turn and drove out from that dreadful place called Ampang Rimba something (I was too shock to remember anything).

Anyway, my all time useless friend called me and says that I shouldn‘t have gone straight and instead turn left to Taman Kersas at the traffic light (for the record, he told me on the phone 10 minutes ago that when I reach Jalan Ampang, just go straight and straight and straight…people, I advise you, never believe a hypocrite like him). Anyway, when I finally caught up with him, instead of bringing me to a place where people have real supper, he brought me to a cybercafe which own by his friend and sadly to say that everywhere I look, is all CinaBeng. This is the price for agreeing to have supper with a friend at the first place and look at me, I stuck at CinaBeng land. Mind me, because I was never the type that hangs around cybercafe, arcade, Petaling Street (not that blogger Petaling Street, which is my favourite place to hang out), or anywhere that scream insecurity. Anyhow, I was in this cybercafe and I keep bugging my friend to go have supper because I seriously wanted to go back home and sleep over this dreadful nightmare but he keeps ignoring me. Since I got internet access, I was chatting with my friend and told him how freaky it was and after 10 minute of chatting, I saw him playing games and I shouted at him, why we still here and he are told me that he finished 5 minute ago and say that it would be rude to interrupt me (DAMN FUCKER!!!). Anyway, I drag his sorry ass out of the cybercafe and suddenly outside; I met a new friend of my friend which has the word CinaBeng written all over his forehead. Since I was in hell anyway, I thought that I should tolerate with them for a little while.

We went to another CinaBeng area and stop by a coffee shop to have our supper. While waiting for my food, I look around and saw how dangerously that kids and teenager hang around in this dark alley and what was their parent thinking about. It gets even worst when on the road itself, look like a hooker industry and fill with load of CinaBeng which wanted to start fighting. My friend and his CinaBeng friend was on the other hand, browsing their eye looking for pretty woman (like those “hamsap” warewolf…MEN..HAI).then, my friend asks me why I keep looking like that and why I hated this kind of place so much. The point was, he never really knows who I really am and I don‘t blame him but this kind of places was never my kind of thing. If I want to have fun, I go to English pub, if I wan to have supper; I go to mamak or a Chinese kopitiam which doesn‘t scream trouble. Call me boringor even naive, but I like a place where I will feel safe.

Anyway, while having our supper, I notice that all the CinaBeng beside, behind, infront and even next to me eat, talk with their mouth full, eat with mouth chewing noise and eat while blowing their nose…omigaw, how bad is their table manner can be. Ok, so I‘m being a little bitchy but eating while blowing nose, which is intolerable. After that dreadful supper, my friend insists to call another CinaBeng friend of his and seriously, is my cue to go. I told him that I have another meeting with a friend of mine and say I wanted to go. Instead of being a gentlemen and at least show me out of this dreadful place, he gave me only direction which I have doubt because of that horrible journey to zombie land. Anyway, in the end I got lost again but this time, on highway but I got home eventually. I‘m so not going out with him anymore.


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