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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Stop Questioning

Previously, I have a lot in my minds about things that shouldn‘t be a problem. I ask a lot of questions about myself and how I would fit in this world. I often fantasize about a world that never existed and hopes for the future that would turn out my way. When thing doesn‘t work out, I always bury my sorrow in myself or probably write a badly English-written blog to ease myself. I always hope that I was in New York where having a shrink would be a normal typical must-have thing, so I can talk to someone about stuff that is bothering me. They say, friends are our 24 hours free access shrink, but let‘s face it, being 23 and everybody around us is busy with their own life, we somehow have to face our problem alone. In our early childhood period, we have nothing to worry other than exams but when we reach a period of time of adulthood, we now face the exam about ourselves and we all started to ask ourselves why, what, how, who, and when. What if, after all that disappointment, suffering, heart-break and getting no-where, should we stop questioning about ourselves and take action to what we should do.


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