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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Old News...

Yesterday, I was celebrating a belated birthday for one of my college friend. It was better than I expected but I felt guilty because I organized the gathering and a few friends were able to turn up. However, although the amount of people was small plus a huge cake, 3 of us were having a good time talking about our jobs and our previous college friends which we seem to lost contact. What make it even sadder was, it used to be 9 of us together during our college period and we did make a pack that we would still be friends and still contact with each other once each of us commit to work. However, it would seem to me that the pack have been broken. Even without a job or with a job, some of my friend felt the competition which I never expected to happened at all. Many people judge me because I have good jobs offer where else my friends didn‘t and then, people start to spread words on how I really doesn‘t deserve my current job as a programmer because I don‘t have a degree cert or probably they say that programming is not suitable for me and saying stuff like me purposely trying to compete with them. I find it is stupid and irrelevant because who are they to judge me or decide which I like or not. Until now, we didn‘t contact each other anymore because I moved out from that place to somewhere my friends couldn‘t find me at all. Until recently, I did contact a few close friends of my and sadly to say, I still heard rumors that my friend still angry at me for getting such a good job where else they still jobless (Did i mention that these people hold a distinction in degree and I fail my degree). Anyway, I am thankful for getting this job and move out or else I will stick with that pathetic people (MY GOODNESS, it been 1 years and still they are angry at me for getting nice offer). However, the day before yesterday, I again organized a party for my colleagues, and apart from “it was an enjoyable evening”, but again, as usual, I prepared too many foods. Darnit… however, organizing party is fun, but it is a very troublesome and tiring job. Even today, I‘m exhausted!!!


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