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Monday, November 22, 2004

Never say bad thing about other!!!

They say if you treats other badly, it will happen to you. Well for me, it really did. Last few month ago, I laugh at my housemate for chrashing the house water meter pipe and yesterday, I ran over it. In my previous blog, I was celebrating BIGTIME because the one person that I hate most got fired and my tyre go KABOOM this morning while going to work. The sad thing was, I didn‘t knew that my tyre go BOOM BOOM until I was driving for about 5 miles and some nice other car people started waving at me and pointing my front tyre and show me some hand expresion of KABOOM. So I have learn my lessons. However, being childish and all, I‘m still not happy over the fact that I was treated like dirt. OK, so accident happened…but what is wrong with having some happy moment celebrating something that other take away from you. YADA YADA YADA…Today is a very bad day…HATE IT…


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