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Friday, November 19, 2004

My New Nikon 4200!!!

Last year, I bought this really nice digicam (Nikon Coolpix SQ) and I adore it because of its unique design. However, around 1 month ago, my digicam‘s screen was entirely blank and couldn‘t even take any photos. I was bump at first but thing got worst later when I heard that the cost to fix it cost around RM800. I might as well buy a new one which I did…hehehe. Last week, after finally gather enough money, I bought my very new Nikon Coolpix 4200. Frankly speaking, I didnt know anything about camera but simply take photos for memories purposes and I always admire those photographer that can take good photos with some lighting effect and stuff. My colleague teach some trick but it doesn‘t work or maybe I couldn‘t get hold of the concept or maybe my old digicam couldn‘t perform such effect. After buying this new digicam, my another colleague (who own a sony digicam and like to take photos too) teach me all there is too know about my digicam. She is like a living Digicam Manual Book and thruthfully speaking, she is really good. She teach me some simple focusing technique and I was totally blast by how simple it was. Anyway, here is some few samples that I took for my first assignment learning about digicam. BTW, I always get excited and go Crazy over small stuff which everyone already know. Can‘t blame me, cos people get the impression, I came from jungle…hahaha
My hand was a bit shaky, so the image kinda run out but so far, this is the one photos taken by me which I am proud of. BTW, this statue was given to me by one of my colleague who went to Thailand for holiday and end up lost his passport and stuck in Thailand for one week.
My indian colleagues told me that this elephant head status is actually the son of Shiva. Of all my colleagues, I was the only one that got this unique statue wherelse my other colleagues got some buddha statue. I was freak at first because (Forgive me for saying this) the statue actually give me the creep. I put on top of my monitor ans some times while doing some coding, I always got scare by the statue. I dare not bring back and put it in my room because scare of nightmare.
My another colleague got a sleeping buddha. Look peaceful...
Anyway, my colleague that bought this presant doesn‘t consider the fact that some people might get sensitive over this religios thing although it is only a statue for decoration. My goodness, he even put a buddha statue at my malay colleague table. For me, although I‘m a buddhist, but I‘m not that really into it or understand it. I beleive it exist as much as I beleive in Jesus or even Allah. However, as long it bring peaceful mind and hopeful for people, it doesn‘t really matter which religion to go to. Anyway, so much for my first assignment. My battery ran out before I could even play around. I think that is enough for now…


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