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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Missing a little of Something Something!!!

I think I‘m having my period right now!!! Usually, I would complained about my self-boring drama scene or go BLA over some silly soap opera and try to relate my life into theirs but somehow, thing‘s doesnt goes as what I would usually seem it would be. Maybe it is my crazy self again, but somehow the thing that I‘ve been through aren‘t that bad but something is not right or something is missing…I dunnu. My mum came and visited me today, and we went all-day shopping but somehow, I doesn‘t have the mood at all to shop and she been looking forward to it so badly. After almost of 4 hour torturing myself, I get even fustrated because I couldn‘t find any suitable stuff that I wanted to buy and what more importantly, I couldn‘t smoke. My mum would probably kill me if she find out that I was smoking. However, out of my expectation, I was joking to my sis about buying me a nice silver lighter but surpisingly, on that very spot, she admit that she smoked. That moment, I was totally BLAST and WOW and on that very spot..I seriously need a cigarette. End up, I didn‘t smoke for 1 day and it seem pretty hard not to smoke. Anyway, I still couldn‘t help but wonders… was it the cigarette, was it the shopping mall, or what was it. I should be enjoying myself but somehow, I felt something was missing…wonder what it is?


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