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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Holiday Season....Darnit!!!

Deepavali and Hari Raya finally over and now back to work. I find it weird because I‘m looking forward to work instead of celebrating holidays. Although there aren‘t much to celebrate but people tend to spend more on holiday. For example, I spend like a total of 2K bring my mum shopping during the pass 3 day holiday and now I‘m officially broke. What can I say, it is the end of the year and I personally think that everybody from children to adult don‘t have the mood to do anything but stuck in the holiday mood. For working people, I think they, already plan their leave on Christmas and New Year. Heck, I still have like around 12 days of annual leave and I don‘t know whether I would take them or not. Been working for like 1 year now, I only apply for 1 day leave plus 1 day MC leave which my company HR bitch calculate it in my annual leave. However, I wouldn‘t care less cause I still have a lot of leaves which I only can brought forward like 5 days to next year. Apparently, there isn‘t much thing to do in my company though. I‘m sitting at my desk doing nothing and trying my best to do something. BORED!!! BORED!!! BORED!!!


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