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Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy 1st Anniversary...

It been a years since I started working in this company. Yesterday, I and my colleagues celebrate it with 3 jugs of beers and it was really a good time. Sitting there, having a few laugh about what is like when we all first met one year ago. Some look older, some wiser, some improve and most importantly, we all got closer as a friends during that year. I might be naive but I always like the feeling of being with somebody through hard and happy time. During that 1 year, I might not do much important stuff but through each process, I was able to understand the situation and just accept it without questioning the fact and most importantly, i was able to understand my own team. Throughout the year, I see that my colleagues improve a lot and they are all starting to show their potential area that they excel in. When I look at them, I felt really happy for them because they really deserve it after all the hard work. When I look at myself, I could say that I‘m still the pretty same old-self which will never improve. Maybe I am lazy. I was never a study to prepare for the future kind of guy. I‘m more to solve the problems when the problems arise. During that 1 year, because of close relationship with my own colleagues, I always knew who, where and when to look for the solution to all my problems. Even in a project, when I was given a module to do, I always knew where to look for the codes and copy code it although I never knew the programming language. Even if I stuck at certain area, I knew my colleagues will be there to help me. So, thanks to my colleagues, I was able to survive until today. To think that 10 of us came in together and start off together and become friends. One which is pretty annoying and very pushy, but have a kind heart but have bad mouth but he didn‘t mean it. One which always been there beside me and help me although his hair turn white with his own problems and all I can do is provide moral support because my programming suck and I can‘t help much but I still like him best. One which have dirty mind and the coolest among all of us and the one that I like to hang out with most because I got to learn many new cool stuff from him. Another colleague, who I treat her as my own big sister because she is fun to played with and we usually beat each other up and quarell over silly stuff but it was fun. My coffee bean companion, she is very quite and I couldn‘t get most of her word because of her slang but she is like a living bomb, can bomb anytime if you pisses her off. Maybe that is what I like about her. My useless leader, who I admire for his programming skill but not his attitude but still he is a good friend. Another cheapskate colleague who like to boss around which always irritate me but I like to piss her off because she look funny. Yet another unique mono-tone male colleague that always seem to have bad luck with almost everything but always fill me up with laughter. The last and not forgetting another colleague was, she always miscalculate everything because she always minus 2 for what I also don‘t know why and also seem to miscalculate for her love to my leader. Weird! Well anyway, I felt complete and motivated when I am with them and hey, this is an anniversary of our 1 year friendship too. Cheer everybody!!!


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