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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

CSS...Makeup make Wonder!!!

Phew…Finally come out with a new layout for my blog. I was bored with the default template and truthfully, I can‘t stand being stuck at one point where everything looks the same forever. I could say that these layouts are the 4th layout that I have done for this blog and it is nice to experiment more on how to modify the layout of a website although it is not recommendable. The theme for this blog, I was thinking of something spiritual and plain, that why certain philosophy of Buddhism was pertained in here. Moreover, my first 2 designs for my blog, I focus more on flash and images and I didn‘t really know how to combine entirely or mix-up between images and pure HTML and end up my blog feel kind of weird. In this current theme, I was focusing more on using CSS instead and I was surprise on what CSS could do. CSS is like make-up make wonder for HTML. I‘m still in the process of learning CSS and hopefully, I can enhance on my blog‘s look and feel. However, I been looking around my blog‘s code and I couldn‘t find any ways to actually modify my blog simple font‘s CSS. Anyway… Still looking around…


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