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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Creepy Thought!!!

People say, whenever we reach the end of our life, we will able to see our past flying pass through us like a movie recap. I always wonder, was it the same feeling when we meet that special someone who was once important to you and then it suddenly gone but appear again in your life and all the memories start to flash back and haunt us again. Or was it that the moment that we drive alone in a car during the raining day, suddenly those familiar songs appear, you look outside your window and you see your past slowing passing through. Or was it just all in my head! I couldn‘t help but wonder, after having too much time alone, was it safe to wonder in the past again. Knowing that we can‘t really change the past, yet we all knew that we should build a better future for ourselves but why do we still suffer in the presence because of our past. It seems to me that, the past will somehow mysterious continue to haunt us until we truly understand it and somehow solve it and only by then, when we look back, we will have no regret at all. My past always appears in different way of form but always the similar result or scene which I always felt like a deja-vu all over again. The problem is, I still couldn‘t find the solution to this problem and yet I knew what‘s the outcome will be in the future. Kind give me the creep right now…


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