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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I'm in Shock but HAPPY for the first time...

It was my birthday, and I thought that I was going to celebrate it by myself. However, felt kind of bad for throwing my colleague aside and celebrate by myself, so I decided to join them for lunch at the food court. I felt disappointed because I was tempted to eat this delightful lasagna which I have my sight on for the past few weeks. However, as we all reach the food court, as usual, I will book some sits and wait for my colleagues to come. To my horror, my program manager calls me and say that we have to be in the client‘s place urgently. I was bump at first but what the heck, so I rush to my program manager car and prepare to go. As we went half way, she forgets to take something, so we have to turn back. She then later asks one of my colleagues to buy some breads and eat on our way there while she go and take their stuff. I entered the bread shop and buy myself all the nice and expensive bread, since it was my birthday. As me and my colleague walked out from the shop, I noticed he entered a fancy restaurant. My first though was, “Could it be…? I entered the restaurant and was shock to see half of my company people was there wishing me happy birthday. I was touch. Nobody ever organized or even celebrated my birthday before. Even if there was a small party but something always missing… The cake was wrong, I wasn‘t feeling any good, my friends always make the wrong stuff and worst of all, my friends would usually ask me to organize my own party since nobody teach them how to buy cake and not their kind of stuff to do this for me. However, that day, seeing all my colleagues there, for the first time, I was really happy, speechless to be exact. The lunch was fantastic and the cake…CHOCOLATE, my favorite and my perfect birthday cake. Everything seems too perfect to be true. Although I didn‘t expect much on that day, but I was overwhelm. My supervisor treated me one jug of beer the day before my birthday and I was surprise that even he was aware of my birthday. The company director also celebrate with all of us too, touch by the troubles my program manager and project manager went trough to organize the whole event and the one thing that really important to me was, my technical team colleagues was there celebrating with me. However, the one thing that spoil the day was, my HR manager was a total bitch that day. I get scolded from her again for no reason. She just “Keith…come to my room. Keith, you are so arrogant. Get out from my room.“ Seriously, until today, I still couldn‘t understand, why she would say such a thing. Anyway, with what my colleagues just did for me, hell with my HR manager. It was a good birthday and who ever knew that the saying “Never expect the expected” turn out to be the first good thing that ever happened to me. I‘m turning 23 this year, and I hope every person that I care most will have a good life and I am glad that we ever cross path in this life.


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