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Monday, October 11, 2004

Graduate, Friends and Jobs!!!

Life was easy when we were in high school, nothing to worry except getting called to the assembly or being caught doing stuff which teenager weren‘t suppose to do. I find that after the high school period, when teenagers take their first step into the college life, they do not aware that their decision will affect greatly on their future if they choose wrongly. Most of the student enters the college with either short term mind set or usually base on the influence of other. Back then, I was naïve too, because I thought that since, IT in Malaysia start blooming and I thought that by the time I finish my college period, I might at least land in an IT job. I was lucky now but how about the rest of the graduates that still looking for one. However, I find it weird, in programming line, do people look for people that is good in programming skill or more likely, communication skill. Last year, I and my best friend got an interview at this software house. If we were to compare, his programming skill was way better than me but I on the other hand speak better English than him. However, I never knew that during the interview, the people favor me over my best friends. However, I got the job and lost a best friend. Anyway, most of my friends have been working for 2 years by now, but I find it ironic because their problem were never and issues to me. The other day, I met this friend and she told me that she is scare with what she does and that lead me to wonder. She works as an agent in an insurance company where she has to make deal with hotel or other entertainment business. To her, she loves her job but not as challenging as she wanted it to be. However, she mention that compare her job with the rest of my other friends, she start to worry because my other friend seem to work 24/7 and there might be a comparison later which by the way might get tense in some simple mind people. I dunnu, I find it stupid to actually compare whose job is better, whose job is tougher, who get the highest salary. My goodness, to think that people who once my friend and work for like 2 years now and still can think so childishly. So what, I mean, the way I see it that, we all enter the same course in college, but truthfully, how many did get a job regarding to what we study. Heck, I even fail my degree but I don‘t see myself as much loser as them. I pity them. Anyway, for those fresh graduate, I do really hope that you guys can find what you guys desire, not because of F***ing excuse where you guys will regret later.


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