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Saturday, September 04, 2004

To Luv or NOT to Luv...

That magical moment, or that sudden spark and just when you knew it, love is in the air. People often say “You just knew it“ but I knew the fact that from observation and real fact report that people end up breaking up after “I love you“ or even getting divorce after “I do“. In the modern society, “Love” doesn‘t mean anything but just plain word that easily spoke and easily takes back. People say you will felt it, but how do we know it is the correct feeling? Is it worth trusting our heart knowing that it might somehow betray you? We all can‘t expect our love life be some fairy tale where the knight in shining armor rescue a beautiful princess and live happily ever after. That prince have horse and palace, what do we have? A lousy car with monthly installment and exclusive dinner that men have to worry about to impress the girls. How about women, they probably spend tons of money and hour trying to look good on their date but not some lousy princess in the fairy tales that sleep for 100 years and still look good without mascara or even foundation. Back to the question, what do love mean? Does it mean that until a certain age, do we just let open our door and accept whoever walks in? Was it worth finding a person that loves you more than you love that person? Anyway, love is some kind of drug that lead people to do silly thing, nasty thing and some; it might lead to obsession and violence. In a world where nowhere is safe anymore, is it safe to even try to love?


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