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Thursday, September 23, 2004


My life is getting what we would usually call “SHITTY”. Now I‘m stuck in the middle of an important meeting which have no what so connection with me. When I was hired as a programmer, I wasn‘t that sure that was the road I wanted to choose. However, as the road goes by, I got fond of it and although I‘m not any super-programmer, but at least I‘ve improve during the month. I find it funny, because being a programmer and working for almost a year, the one thing that I learn was, nothing is what it seems. I may be a programmer, but I‘m also graphic designer, tester, self-declare admin, and now a standby person for presentation. Some multi-tasking job I have…bummer! My colleague told me this is a good opportunity being exposed to all this kinds of thing. However, the one thing that really de-motivates me was, I didn‘t get any credit for anything I did and the worst was I think that my job can be easily done by any of my colleague. It is like asking 23 years old to solve an equation of 1 + 1 = 2. To me, I don‘t really find this as challenging as I wanted it to be. My other colleague too as a programmer, but they just focus mainly on programming. Even though I did some programming, it would seem that people wouldn‘t think I did it until I start complaining about it. When the project is a success, my colleague will be there standing shining like some power people, and my name won‘t be up there with them but when there is some shitty work like documentation or preparation, my name will always be up. I really hate it and I find it insulting in many ways. Never for once that, had I felt being part of the team. The meeting is still on, and I however, stuck here writing this blog. PLEEEAAASSSEEE finish fast. I want to go back my desk and start doing my shitty work. BUMMER!


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