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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Finally, after 8th month of non-stop working, I finally have the chance to go back hometown for merdeka holiday..hehe

Beleive it or not, this is Sungai Petani, Kedah Clock Tower
Can't beleive i am finally back to this old town. Kind of miss it and i was surprise how my town develope itself all this year. It is a big improvement.
Anyway, the reason why my town called Sungai Petani is because of this dirty river. Since young, i never quit understood why they name it after this ugly river. Probably only fungus live down there. Seriously, look how dirty it is. Can't be bother with it right now. so, i was back at my hometown and the one thing i miss the most is DIM SUM..MY FAV...

My mum was shock cos i eat more than 20 plates and it is damn cheap also compare to Kuala Lumpur. Not only that, my holiday, i actually killing myselve with food...load of foods. Speaking of nice food, my hometown have this Korean restaurant and beleive me, it is Korean. The people cant even talk proper english or even mandarin or anything. We could only point at the picture in the menu to tell them what we want

This is some set we order, it is pork and it is SMOKEY…very NICE…recommended!!! and blended with nice mixture of the vege and the leaf stuff. Anyway, Merdeka celebrate our country independant and what could i say, for merdeka, i celebrate the independant of my stomach..haha..HAPPY MERDEKA DAY!!!


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