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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Guys and Underwear!!!

The other day, after work and extremely tired, I entered my house and my living room was a mess. At first thought, “Stupid cat must be messing with the garbage“ or something. Just when I got to my room, and straight to my toilet, I noticed that my bath tub was extremely dirty. As I looked up the ceiling, I notice one of my ceilings wooden boards was half opened. I was freak out and quickly checked on my window and all of it was lock tight. I thought of burglar, but the weird thing was, none of my stuff was gone. I got even curious. The guard couldn‘t find any foot print or any sign of the burglar. That night I couldn‘t sleep at all and thanks to that, I got a pair of extremely big dark circle the next day. I explain to my colleagues what happened but the only reaction I got from all my male colleague was “Is you underwear missing?“ I couldn‘t help but think how pervert they all are. That night after work, afraid of going back, I went to find some of my old friends to do some catch up. Again, I told them about the incident and again, ironically, all the male friend start asking me whether my underwear was missing. Eventually, I got curious with guys and underwear and to prove my theory correct, I called up another male friend and told him the situation and yet, they ask me whether my underwear is missing. So what with male and underwear? In situation like this, have I been misinformed or have I missed the class of “what should guy react in situation like this” that underwear play an important role in here. Until now, I‘m still curious about the burglar and definitely what is the connection between guys and underwear. WEIRD!!!


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