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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Back to where we come from!!!

The end of a road is a new beginning for another road, so I heard. I was packing my stuff from my office table and I find it ironic that I will somehow miss this place. For the pass four months, me and my colleague was devastated when we were thrown to somewhere else to work on a project. Back then, none of us was happy about it. Called us naive, because being a fresh graduate and just got in to a company where our own status could jeopardize any time, most of us just trying our best to fit in. However, it never occur to us that moving to this new place actually bring all of us closer together as friends instead of a team. Finally, the project finished and we were ordered to go back to our main office. The moment I look across my table, I can sense all of my colleagues having a hard time leaving this place too but we just pack and just smile and cherish the moment. Back to where we came from, we were welcome by some of the new faces, some familiar faces and most importantly, faces that I still remember as friends. However, we all knew that when we go back, nothing will be the same again. It‘s been 3 days back at the office and I was bored to death. I offer my colleague to help on his module and end up; I have to work on the weekend. Not that I mind working but let‘s called it itchy backside. However, being back and nothing seem to be the same again, well at least the gossiping and bitching about my other useless colleague still remain unchanged and I hope it stay. At least it relief tension and improve our productivity to 500%... Just Kidding…


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