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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Why Act When We Are Acting All Along!!!

Living in a life where the world itself act as a center stages and we as actor/actress play our part to build a complete scene that somehow resolve around us. Looking from different angle, we will notice that everyone around us play an important roles that somehow trigger the very fabric of our existence and how each soul that never knew one another but somehow tied in a single string that trip each other up without both knowing it. However, if living in a world where we are all acting, when will be the time when we will be ourselves? Why do we have to pretend to be someone else or even act? Are our lives so dull until we are trap in a prison of well written script where every single movement is being defined? Having people act around you was blur-ish enough and the one thought that always provoke each and every one of us was to ever consider if there is any M.O behind their every action. Some actions were just plain stupid and easily noticeable but what can I say, they look so proud of themselves. As if they won best male/female actor/actress of the year. What a “Drama Queen”! However, it is somehow hilarious that when we truly acted ourselves, we somehow being accuse being a pretender. It this ever occur, well then… we must be a very good actor. I have friend that act around and pretend being a good-goody people where else I was so blinded by the fact that he is being his true self behind my back and I was too busy or ignorant to turn back. Anyhow, if you feel like people are acting in front of you, fell free to just turn back on them. You might never know that the truth is just way right behind you?


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