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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

People are like Stone which need to be Push!!!

I find it ironic because of all the sudden; I come across with some of my few old friends and we go yada-yada and do a quick summary of what-up with our so called pathetic life. The No.1 question which I been dying hearing from them are “What are you doing right now?“ and if you answer “Programmer“, they will follow up with question like “What language do you used?“ and then if u answer them either one of the most happening language in the market right now, they will go totally gaga and awe at the thing you do. If they happen to be a programmer too plus doing some old style programming language, they will say how lucky you are because you got to do the hip and hap programming language and switch to sad little mode of how unlucky of them which by the way doesn‘t have that chance to learn. Not as if I find the language that I learn is as any hip or hap but I always start pulling my hair off dealing with this language. Anyway, what intrigue me was, when I ask them that why not learn themselves since they admire the language so much. Why does it have to be “Give“ only we “Take“? Why not we “Own” it? Thing such as programming doesn‘t need people to push only then will we learn, if you really have the heart or the initiative to learn programming, then there should be no other excuse. I ask my friend, what they usually do when they are not working and they answer such thing as rest, partying, sleep, play games and load of shit. Why not just take that time and learn programming? I might not enjoy programming that much but at least I took my time learning it and doesn‘t complain about it. We are not some cold hard stone which only be move when people push us. There will be load of opportunity in the future, but the questions are not, will you be getting that opportunity but will you be ready for it and grad it, not waiting it to drop from sky.


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