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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Caught in the Jam!!!

Finally, the moment of truth has come. I been working non stop like some crazy-ass machine and finally my module finished and this weekend, I‘m going to party like hell. Everything was according to my plan, accept for the part when I drive out from my house, the traffic was like hell. It is bad enough that I am not that familiar with the road itself, I end up taking the wrong turn and end up at the same traffic jams. What pisses me off was of all the planning and wrong turn, I end up making one big turn and still end up nowhere. I should have know better to stay at home because weekend plus shopping carnival, what was I thinking? Anyway, got into the shopping complex and the old familiar scent of shopping complex welcome me and I never felt so happy. I start hunting for cloths but it would seem that most cloths are already out of stock and out of size for me. I been running up and down and all I got was a piece of lousy working cloths. Not to mention, I was up to watch Tom Cruise latest flick call Collateral but not up to stand-in-line buying the ticket. For the first time, I was stuck in the middle of crowd which you can feel the heat, sweat and by the way, not pleasant at all and totally out of my expectation. What I will usually do was to go all the way to the booking counter to give fake 6 digits number and cheat my way trough to my movie ticket but now, it seem that they have block all the booking counter. Obviously they wanted to avoid people like me. So I end up stuck with decent people that have all the serenity in the world to buy a piece of lousy ticket. Anyway, after 30 minute of standing torturing my ass because, I been sitting too long while working that I can‘t even stand straight for like 15 minute, I got my ticket and went enjoy my movie. Lucky thing the movie was superb and out of my expectation that Tom Cruise‘s acting was totally different from all his previous film. Anyway, although my weekend doesn‘t turn out as I wanted it to be, but at least it is half enjoyable and doesn‘t need to put the any stress on. Well, it would seem that people that work will face this kind of tension or stress, but it is good to know that after all the hard work, there is some reward waiting in the end.


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