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Saturday, July 17, 2004

White and Black never meant to be together!!!

Wow?it feels like I been dead for a years for working non stop and act like a total zombie for this pass few days. Not that I‘m complaining nor do I not enjoy it, but it feel like watching people torture themselves in rollercoaster and when you were that people, you suddenly feel there is some spark and excitement which you will crave for more. Although working is not something people crave for but it somehow help me wonder my mind to some other expect in life than just think how bad life is. Enough of complaining of my HR manager and my useless leader which eventually I am the one instructing and schedule his work every single day, I decide to take matter in my own hand. Once, people say that I am a psycho for perfectionist but I guess what they said was true, I don‘t like to leave thing hanging nor I do not do thing just because I want to finish it. I take pride in most things I do and the end result might not be the best but at least I know I did my best and I will do better in future. It is quite shallow and negatively of my leader to think that this project might not meet the deadline or not capable of handling it and just leave it and do nothing about it. Anyway, this week was a total wacko because my project manager has a habit of informing me last minute on the thing he wanted to deliver to the customer and I always end up working late. It is cool, because I did learn a lot from this week. Weekend finally here and I still work. I always scold my leader for taking his personal issue to work and somehow distract him from work but I might know better. I wasn‘t any better than him; I too bring my work issue to my personal life. Is there any way that we can keep both separate? Both world, both different and yet somehow it resolve in the very same person. It felt like having a white paint and black paint in a same bowl. Is there any way we can prevent the paint turn into grey?


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