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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Radio advertisement bring humiliation!!!

Every morning when I usually rush to work or going back from work, my radio will always be there for me to get me up and going and avoiding me from sleeping while driving. The one and only station that I usually listen is Mix FM because it is the only station that actually plays good songs. However, toward certain extend, I was kind of disappointed on the radio station because recently, they have been more advertisement than good song being played. I might be incorrect because radio is just another communication tool which we all can broadcast our message but there is reason why people tune to certain radio station which by the way, Mix FM is for people to relax and listen to good song, not some lousy advertisement. Even so, speaking of advertisement, I would personally like to know who is responsible to create such lousy advertisement. I mean, take AM Bank for example, our country ministry is complaining about people talking broken-English and AM Bank just broke our country English to “AM BANK MA“ and it is so irritating too. Another stupid advertisement, this waitress ask this stupid guy whether he like chicken or beef and this guy go crazy deciding which one he would prefer and go coo-koo and moo moo. At first I taught this is another pizza advertisement where maybe people can have 2-in-1 pizza or something. Out of my expectation, after the guy‘s moo, then the message goes something like this?“ why go crazy deciding when you can have both, Celcom prepaid bla? bla? bla?“. What on earth is happening, what beef or even chicken got to do with hand phone? I know that the concept is there but why the beef and chicken? It is bad enough that our world doesn‘t make any sense and people have to give stupid ideas on advertisement. Another lame advertisement, miss world pageant, this guy ask this miss Australia what will she do with 5 cent and she answer “World Peace!” and when he ask miss Malaysia, she said she would SMS her mother. Like the whole world care if she used 10 cent to call her mother. I mean this is so insulting and to think that they would make it in the radio. Well for one thing I‘m certain is that listening to this dumb advertisement bring out the rage in me to keep me awake while driving. Anyway, this dumb radio advertisement is bad and for goodness sake, doesn‘t anyone can come out with good advertisement that actually makes sense, funny or whatever. Stop this humiliation for once?


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