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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Political War!!!

With all the political war happen between countries, kidnapping, be-headed, bombing and etc, it would seem that nowadays, everyone are not safe anymore. Speaking of political war, I believe that every company does experience internal war now and then. My company, was once upon a time a peaceful place to work where everyone was happy working with each other. Anyway, like any “once upon a time“ story which never ends “happily ever after“ in the real world, my company has hired a HR manager which eventually polluted each and every employee in my company. Her arrogant was as big as her ass, insulted many of our employee until most of them left the company. When she first came in, she was this “ugly duckling” where nobody wanted to be friends with her and I was kind enough to give her moral support and try to be her friend. She gives me her self pity lecturer about back stabbing in her previous company until she is scare to open to anyone again. HOW DRAMATIC! Anyway, for a person who lecturer me on back stabbing, this big fat ugly duckling back-stab me more than I could ever imagine. To think that this is the person I thought once were my friend. I was never good in technical area, but when it comes to team?s problem, I was able to open up to problem and handle most of it. My fearless leader was so tight up with his personal problem, until he himself could even concentrate on his work and I on the other hand, work my ass off to make our module to run smoothly and meet the schedule and I did most of the work until I get a call from my HR manager saying that the company couldn‘t justified my present in the company and rudely insulted me in many ways. This week, I was busy working and have multiple headed thinking the algorithm for my module and to make it even worst, my HR manager will call up and scold me for no other reason. My colleague really pities me and asks me not to bother what she said. I try to get it off my mind but I was too furious to just let it go. Some political war indeed! My colleague too experience but not from that bitch but they are having this political campaign war among each other. I am too busy fighting my own war to actually participate in the campaign. Maybe I will vote for them. However, it got me thinking… in ancient time, war seem to happen because I think of their barbaric and primal thought. However, we living in the modern world where the past event is being taught so that we would never repeated the past. Each and everyone learn from our own mistake and we are all educated and live in this fast pace technology world, why can‘t we all try to prevent violence from happen. Why do we keep repeating the past?


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