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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Good bye but not Forgotten!!!

Once upon a time, where me was doing my work peacefully on my neat tidy desk and as usual get scolded by my HR manager, my dreamy fearless leader on the other hand gets quite shocking news. His tears were drain down (and here I thought that man like to act tough) and that very moment, I knew what it was. His grandma was hospitalizing a week ago and doctor say there wasn?t any hope but to wait. I didn?t know it would be this soon. From what I heard, his relationship with his grandma wasn?t that good but it is comfort to know that although there is some distance between them, he still care deep down in his heart. I couldn?t help but wonder, people say things are not appreciated until the things itself are gone but why do the thing have to be gone forever. Even if you truly hate a person and that person is your family or even you?re relative, when it comes to ?the end?, will you forgive that person? Lately, I been hearing people pass away and tears is all I can see. I might be cruel to say this but shouldn?t we be happy, cherish and remember the pass good time we had together instead of mourning and shed tears over the death. Anyway, I never had the chance to meet my fearless leader?s grandmother and never had the chance to go to her funeral (all because of that DAMN HR BITCH, which by the way ask me to do her a favor which I say I was busy and scold me and send me a warning letter for disrespecting her and end up I have to do her a favor), I wish her peacefulness. Good bye but not Forgotten!!!


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