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Friday, June 25, 2004

Wrong Turn!!!

My phone rang and an unidentified number appear on the screen. I answered, wondering who it was. Toward out of my expectation, one of my long-and far-far-away-for-8-years relative call me up and told me that they are in town and ask me whether I could join them for dinner. My heart wanted to say no but it would mean that I will bring bad name to my parent, so I say yes. After I pack my stuff from work, I rush into the city. The traffic jam was really bad and since I was away for quite some time, I make a wrong turn and got stuck in another bad traffic jam. However, since it been a long time I never been back in the city and having to force myself to meet my relative, I might as well enjoy the view of all the exotic building that is sky high. As I look around, suddenly, it would seem that the whole world stop on me. I try my very best to turn my head and I felt unease. By the time I turn over, I saw my-once-best-friend-turn-enemy walk on the side way. He was walking pass with another friend of his. I couldn‘t help but wonder what it would like if we were still friend. Growing up with two sisters, I always wanted a brother who can bully me or at least any typical big brother will do. Back then, I was foolish enough to substitute my once-best-friend-turn-enemy as my real brother. It was fun at first because growing up in a family where culture and manner is priority; I never once venture out and try silly stuff (well, until he comes along). I was stupid to see that as much as I thought he was a brother-figure, he is still a typical Chinese guy which has no-what-so-ever knowledge about life itself and a scum too (which prove my theory that most men are useless). First appearance, it blinded me who he was and I was hunger for excitement but time painfully show me who he truly is. Finally, our friendship ended. Still, until this very day, I couldn‘t help but hope that our friendship never ends. However, seeing him walking pass brought me back to so many exciting memory. As if meeting my relative was sad enough, my once-best-friend-turn-enemy have to amplify it and people say that in life if we take the wrong turn, we will suffer the consequences. Anyway, even if wrong turn, all I can do is to continue driving down and hopefully turn back to the right path.


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