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Monday, June 07, 2004

Which is better for Me?

People often say that in life, there must be some choices so that we are flexible in some other ways. However, some flexibility is not that good when the choices are hard to make. Last few week ago, my company reallocated me to some other place to work on a project and recently, they want me back. At first, it was okay because my CTO wanted me back, but it get uglier when my project manager wanted me to stay and end up, I have to make a choice whether to go back or not. After long and stressful weekend thinking where I wanted to be, I still end up without an answer but more doubt and guilt in my head. I wasn?t happy when I was reallocate and even more depress when the project started because of some personal issues and some conflict in the work area and part of me wanted to go back so badly. However, speaking of career wise, it would be wiser if I stay and continue develop my skill in this project and another reason I want to stay is because I don?t like leaving thing hanging and move on to another thing. Moving or not, both side hold it pros and cons; happy or depress, promising future or not, whichever, I?m still deciding. One of my colleague mentions that the hardest road will lead to better fortune at the end. Is he right? Some of my colleagues choose to be happy at work and some choose not to be happy and work hard for career purpose. Well at least they have some sense in their life. How about me? Which would I choose? When I start works, which priorities first? Was it the happiness or the experience? So far, the only experience I experience was only the art of depressing. Anyway, I have made up my mind and I plan to stay back. The problem still remains unsolved in my head and yet it only adds up another question in my mind. Do I make the right choice?


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