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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Promote to bigger problem!!!

It was an unpleasant week. Seriously, having to work with somebody that won‘t cooperate with you and having to stay with someone who has different mind-set and stuff. I thought that I was the only one that have communication problem but it would seem that some other people experience the similar thing. Every time I try to ask some inquiry about our module with my leader, he would jump to the conclusion that I am stupid and start talk another thing. Since then, I have been trying my very best to move toward his way and since then I get even more confuse. However, today my other colleague try to talk to him on some issue and they too experience the very same stuff and I couldn‘t help but wonder, was it me or was it him all this while. It is funny because, to him being promote to leader wasn‘t something he would want because it is stressful, so I heard! However, wasn‘t it that being a leader is not being put in a position but action? Where else for my own housemate, she might have a bit of financial problem (although we have the similar salary), she tend to be selfish and deeply-concern about her own money. Worst still, I might consider the fact that she is the type of money-issue-people but toward out of my expectation, she is the Hitler-money-issue type of people. I mean, she want to take whole control of the whole house and doesn‘t want to pay for anything that is out of her expectation and keep complaining stuff which I couldn‘t even do anything about it myself. So can somebody tell me please?I beg you?what should I do? Seriously, personally both of them is a good person and I didn‘t want to destroy the tie because of some stupid position or money issue. Darn it, why cant life be simple?


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