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Thursday, June 10, 2004

The problem with Men's EGO!!!

Men! A creature which is famous for it's egoistic. It has occurred to me that most men never dare to admit that they need help from anyone. It is bad enough that most of them have problem in commitment and this proves their chicken-shit but why the macho act? Men complain that women running around shopping complex and got nothing in the end but why do men running around with problem and still couldn't solve any of it? Scenario No. 1: My mighty team leader (male), who was supposed to come out with a simple prototype but having difficulty in an area which I am good at and wasted 1 hour un-solving it and didn?t even bother asking his own teammate (which is me). By the way, during that 1 hour, with my being-a-team-spirit attitude, I asked him whether I can help in what-so-area-that-is-bothering him for five f***ing times and shame on my patient, I have take in my big gun and shoot his f***ing ego and do whatever that have to be done last 1 hour ago. Scenario 2: I went out with a bunch friend that consists of 4 males and 4 females and one of the male was suppose to book a hotel rooms which he didn't. No worries because, we can easily book the room at the reception and that's what that idiotic egoistic male friend of mine do. After 30 minute later and still no news from him, I went and check what is wrong. The only wrong was that my friend was having trouble speaking in English with the receptionist. Later, after solving and get a room, my no-good male friend scold me for interrupting and say that he could have done it without my help. I couldn't help but figure, are all men trap in their very own ego? I know that men are scum but still, I believe that most of them in the world are not but why do every men that I know off is trying to prove that men are really scum? I just want to pass my message around to all the men that have ego problem that it is okay to ask for help. Asking help doesn?t make you any less macho. So get over yourself and make life simpler for all of us.


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