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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Past not worth going back to!!!

After long period of breakdown and escaping the reality, I thought it was time to face my past. So I went back to the place which has haunted me more than anything else. On my journey back, I notice a lot of familiarity, similarity or was it de-ja-vu? There it was, the road that I still remember the road that I walked with my friends, shop that we been to, restaurant that we dine-in and the very same place I will usually meet my friend. All scenes come together at the same time and I can felt the happy moment, the laughter of everyone and then disappear out of thin air. I sit motionless in my car, watching time pass by. I could just drive away, pretending I wasn't there at all but suddenly a knock on my door and I turn. There they were the very same face that once was my friend. Since there was no excuse to go back, I decided to join them and have a few catching up. We went to the very same restaurant, order the very same drink but this time, we all sit there not with our bag or book but with a job which I usually used as an excuse to avoid seeing them. There were nothing much to say, but I wanted to collect my money ($320) which they owe me and get the hell out of there as fast as possible. To be frank, some of us were housemate once and I was kindly enough to pay all the deposit and since I move out, I might as well claim back the money. However during our stay together, we share a lot of stuff, we bought air-cooler, washing machine, telephone-line with fully internet access but the only thing they ever pay was for the washing machine. During that 6 month, they never pay a single bill for the telephone and just because people say that friends and money don't mix, so I just collect the deposit and forget the whole deal. However, when I move out, I took the washing machine with me and when I say that I wanted to collect my deposit, they say I should pay for the washing machine as well and they deducted $100 from my $320. I was furious because I never complain over the fact that they still owe me $200 and $150 for the air-cooler and they want to minus the lousy $100 buck. I didn't spoke a word, I didn't know that my action was correct or not but if we were to continue as a friends, I should just forget the whole thing. After the dreadful meeting and full of regret of going back, I went to one place which will cheer me up. I went and meet with another friend or mine and we had dinner plus lots of complain from me and my friend was kind enough to fill me up the entire Mr.Temple series which I have miss out. Anyway, I come back to my very own world, forget the whole F***KING thing and relief myself with some nice cool bubble bath. Friendship or not, I couldn?t help but wonder, if friends and money don't mix, then what are the chances we can get a real friend when the world we are living in involve money in every second.


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