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Monday, June 21, 2004

No Christmas Gift for naughty Kids!!!

After long and waiting for our internet access to come, my internet provider told me that by last Monday we can access the new and improve internet access. I and my housemate were like little kid happily decorating our very own Christmas tree; instead our Christmas tree was decorating our house with lot of RJ45 cable and telephone lines. Imagine, the server is in my room, so we have to nail the cable against the wall from my room to my other housemate room. Over the wall, over my door, under the floor and up the stair we go. We huff, puff and hit the hell out of our house until later, our so call; newly-now-declared-as-bitchy neighbours start to complain. Okay, so I admit that I was ignorant for making so much noise until not knowing what time it was and I did say sorry for like 5 times. However, sorry wasn‘t enough, they keep on dragging and dragging and we have to hear their lecturer and stuff which is quite frustrating. Anyway, the next day (Monday), we all wake up and was disappointed when our internet provider told us that their data center was down and need few day to repair. Again, we were like disappointing kid where we were so anxious waking up and find no gifts under our Christmas tree and got mad by Santa for being a bad kid. This suck!!!


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