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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Goldilock want it just nice!!!

Lately, I been getting a lot of junk mail, not that I am complaining but it is quite frustrating because, mostly my junk mail start with either penis enlargement or bigger breast. What with this world of all the sudden and since when making BIG come back in style. Pamela Anderson might go big last time, but it got BOOPs out when Baywatch call it “The End“. So what is the whole big deal about enlargement? I kind of like it the way they are. Big or small, look the same to me. What intrigue me the most was, there are actually exercise that help make it extra-size. Some people might take that a little bit too far but lately I heard lots of comment from my friend. They say that cold water will shrink men best pal, and hot water might kill men best pal‘s swimmer. Even penises are now self declare goldilocks, “Not too hot, not too cold, I want it just nice!“. However, that is not the point, people are beautiful the way they are. They don‘t need to enlarge anything at all. I don‘t know about women, whether they have this self-mind security setting for male. Password rejected, “Not LONG enough!!!”. I couldn‘t help but wonder, if size really matter, how big is enough? Anyway, life have more than thousand choices for me to make and god-know how many I make the wrong one, so I‘m leaving this small or big for some other time?


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