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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dacing in the dream world!!!

Lately, there wasn't anything happen except for the same old self-concern and a few struck by sadness and the feeling of being lost being occurred. Lately, I feel like I'm trap inside my very own chamber which I lock myself inside, away from the sickness which been spreading in the world outside. Lately, the only things that lighten me up are the things that play inside my magic box. Having no internet connection at my home yet, I been non-stop watching DVDs, and MTVs to at least make me forget the word "boringness". How nerdy I am? What more nerdy is that, I've been non stop watching the movie "Honey" which acted by Jessica Alba where it is about a girl who wanted to make a change to her own neighborhood and help the children on the street and just go out into the world and do something which she love. It might not sound that interesting but the whole scene, hip pop song, dancing, MTVs and etc are simply enough to catch my attention. However, the one thing that fascinated me was the actress was able to do something that she like which is dancing and how a simple thing like this could bring somebody to some extend level and watching Jessica Alba dancing was another thing. I couldn?t help but wonder, was it the movies or could it be in real life? Dancing is what I like too but of course I wont do it in public or else it would be like elephant dancing mumbo jumbo but I would like to go out into club and just go wild, having rhythm with flow and just dance off my booty (* of course I have to get into some diet program first). However, my fascination over some MTVs and movie is only but a dream to me, which will not be happen and I should wake up to the real world, where most thing is suck. BIG TIME!!!


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