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Monday, June 28, 2004

7th month of Confusion and 7th Month Of Bitching!!!

Mostly high school student didn‘t know what they wanted. Mostly college student don‘t know where to go. So after everyone graduated and venture into the working world, they still haven‘t got a clue what to do with their life. I on the other hand am that kind of people except that I didn‘t know whether to choose an IT field or Art field. So I choose both. However, I been working for seventh month and yet I still haven‘t got any clue who I wanted to be. Not to mention the job I am doing now is even confusing me more. I and my colleagues were thrown out in the middle of nowhere to work on this so-called big project and since we have our own mini-project office, nobody is there to take care of any administrative work. Since my housemate is working at the same company but different branch, we somehow end-up or force to be the communication tunnel that helps pass all the resources needed to our place. I didn‘t mind at first because it seems to me that my company has the lousiest management system and I pity them, so I offer to help. However, as we all knew that most help are not easily appreciated, I get scold by my HR manager for no reason. I got scold if one of my colleague didn‘t come to work and I never inform her. I get scold for informing her because my colleague didn‘t inform her. I get scold if I didn‘t place the order for water supply. I get scold if I ask for water supply. COMMON BITCH!!! What do you want from me? I was hired as a programmer not some louse piece of shit whereby my mum doesn‘t raise me up so that she could scold me blindly. I mean she is SO FUCKUP! I gone all the trouble and a “thank you“ was so hard for her FAT-ASS mouth to say. I pity her, she don‘t need enemy, and she is her own enemy. Everyone in my company also feels the same and we all hate her. The only experience I learn from this was never work for a fuck-up people and never offer help to those who can‘t say the word “thank you”. Anyway, today, she have step at my very last nerve and enough is enough. To think that these women ever got married, I pity her child and her husband. I pray for their peace from this bitch?OUCH!!!


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