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Friday, June 11, 2004

3rd is always a crowd!!!

In any going to be relationship, there are always the obstacles that come in between. There will be the commitment problem, the EX problem, the chicken-out problem, third party problem, not so interested problem and so on. However, what if the problem is you? In these 23 years of living, it is always become my nature to become the 3rd person in a relationship which by-the-way I didn't have a clue I was in it until the whole flame start to burn on me. The funny part was, I was the type that think having a relationship was a waste of time but why do I get caught in relationship which I desperately trying to get away from. Anyhow, in the past, girls come along and say "I love you" which to me was a big deal and I admire their courage to tell me personally and shame of me for it is always them who say it instead of me. But it have become a habit that, whenever a girl say "I love you!" I always end up saying "Sorry, I'm going somewhere; I don?t do long distance relationship!" Am I an asshole? But then again, was it my punishment for rejecting a relationship until somebody relationship will always have me hanging as the third person. It is funny though, because most guys will always get tense up or threaten by my present. I couldn?t help but wonder, was it me or was it the guy egoistic problem? How come the guys couldn't see the fact that if we were to compare, I will have much to loose in term of every aspect but why do they still feel threaten. It has come to my attention that, why do two person friendship have to end when someone gain a partner? Then again, what would I know in any relationship since I never experience neither one? Maybe there is a hidden secret in every relationship which we all fail to look at but what if Love is blind, what are the chance that we could find it?


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