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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Secret Door!!!

In each and every one of us, there is surely a dark area hidden behind a very dark room within us. Some wrote in their diary so that when they grow old, they could at least treasure the particular moment while reading it and some keep it in their heart which eventually ran out of hardisk space and accidentally overflow some agenda. Anyway, a person privacy or dark agenda, I couldn?t help but wonder, what is the whole purpose keeping it while other "piracy" it. On any particular nice day, your diary will eventually expose to make your day seem not that nice anymore or you tell your who-you-think-they-were-your-best-friend about your secret but eventually they become best in broadcasting it. But then again, what lies behind that door in our heart? Was it the past history that we are ashamed of, or was it the guilt hanging behind the door that left you hanging or was it your secret revulsion of that particular person until you nail a puppet on the wall and label their name on it? Finally, above all else, if you yourself hate it when a person try to open your secret door, then why you yourself open other door and expose it to the world? Living in a world where no place is safe anymore, why do we still try our very best lock our particular secret door where else sooner or later, the door will likely be open by others? Then again, it would be rather nice to have that secret door to sometimes remind us some of the bad thing that has ever happened to us, so that we could never repeat the same mistake again.


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