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Sunday, May 09, 2004

If "I" or "We" !!!

Was it me or was it that most men always have the term of "I" and the women have the term of "We". Like any most men, it is hard enough for them to commit to any commitment but why is it hard for them to just simply say "We". I had this "Male" colleague that I was suppose to partner up to work on something but eventually, it would occur to me that I was foolish enough to belief that "I" was any part of it. Then there were this guy, who we should be working on an idea which eventually turns out to be "His" idea minus I-was-part-of-it-too. Another typical male friend who I thought he was the best-of-best friend I could ever have but turn out to be the jack-of-ass cause all this while, he was using me for "his" own purpose and by-the-way, this is a guy who criticize me for telling lies to get-my-way but obviously, this guy got-his-own-way. Where else for women, who easily commit to anything, have a bit of habit of saying "We" which eventually got me into trouble the other day. She was a friend of mine and "We" were working out on a solution of how to solve this programming equation and I almost had it until she claim to our superior that "We" have no idea what the whole thing is. The other day, I met my friend?s sister and "We" just meet the other day but she keep on insisting that "We" should go out together. I agree to meet her one or two time, but until I accidentally heard that she told everybody that "We" are a couple and I think that is the last time I saw her. Anyway, if "I" were men favorite word and "We" for women, then I can truly say that "They" are not my favorite people.


Anonymous jess said...

I really don't like it when people use 'I' to take credit for work and 'we' when it comes to problems. If its team work, if one person doesn't understand the team should make sure that person gets up to the same level as the rest so there is no 'I' in the team. Similarly if its an idea suggested by someone in the team and that was taken as the team decision then the team should take any criticisms for that decision as a 'we', not only the person who suggested it. If only team work was that perfect.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous ebernie said...

Ah, yes. This problem is more rampant than it ought to be. I've also had the unfortunate experience of working with someone that has this 'I' mentality. Whenever a client praises the team, he'll jump right in to take creadit. But if the client complains, well then he'll put the blame on someone (rarely himself). But rest assured not all people have this 'I' mentality. Sometimes, you'll meet someone that values the team as much as himself, or maybe even more. I have a friend who is very much a team player and let me tell you that if you find someone like this, make sure you remain his friend. We've worked together and every single project we did were much better (in terms of quality and fun).

3:35 PM  

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