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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Cheer to Cosmopolitan, Cheer to new House!!!

After having long discussion of how should we standardize the work and having the worst pairing up partner in the project, I was ready to meet up with my house agent until my director walk up to all of us and say "Drink and Dinner on me TONIGHT!". Aside from getting near faint-over the fact that cosmopolitan, whisky or margarita is at present, I say "What the heck!" To me, drinking alcohol is like drinking just plain water which comes additional with headache. The fact that the service is too slow until I only got time for one glass of cosmopolitan and I was off rushing to meet my house agent. Later that night, we meet and couple of driving here and there, we reach to these fantastic place on the hill side and enter this grand entrance with nice cottage houses that come with really great well-maintain garden and club house plus big swimming pool, gym and so on. It was my dream house. The moment I set foot on this place, I knew I love it. Shame of me, which I plan with my new housemate that we should act a little bit to hate the place so that they could lower the price for us but toward our un-expectation, the house agent comes with big gun. She was ready, the moment she voodoo us with the delicacy of the house, we were simply aw by it. We walk in and there was this little room to put our shoe, then the living room was magical and the kitchen was fantastic. My room in the other hand, was enormous big with big attach cabinet and the toilet was "OMIGAW!" My new housemate couldn't resist as well, they love it and what can we say, we all love it. The fact that, the place that I currently staying was pure trash and to think that I am living in a castle now, was simple good enough. Now, I'm not just a after graduate student that life in a trashy place with Prada cloths, I am a person that have good job that pay well and a good place to live to show my Prada around.


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