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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Behind the scene of Magazine

How often do we buy a magazine and more importantly why? To me, magazine will be like one-of-many of my entertainment tool that help me waste my time and aw at the wonder that contain in it. From celebrity magazine, comics, men?s health to interior design, digital world and my favorite, cooking magazine which eventually make me feel guilty and hungry every single moment. However, what question me is that, in every magazine especially fitness or happy or yippee family magazine, the image itself is enough to gag us and voodoo us to feel "This is what I want". The image that show a loving husband and wife sitting cozy in their loving fine kitchen or a loving family on a nicely design and cozy living room or a stud that is lifting bar-bell and show off his muscle or a supermodel that have nicely figured body with cloths that kill the envy of every single women in the world. I couldn't help but wonder, if this is what make us envy and to us life wasn?t that pretty, so what lies behind each image? Are the made-believe-happy family are only made believe but not happy at all, or the stud/model baring their beautiful body because they are made so or went trough plastic surgery, buttock injection and highly spend of equipment or makeup to look good. So what is there to envy? However, of all the envy and do-nothing to achieve it or not capable of owning it, magazine still fulfill their purpose to make us believe that, there is still beauty in the miserable life that we lead now but then again, too much make belief is not healthy at all since it only make us crazy not getting what we wanted. Life is too short to waste on fantasizing.


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