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Monday, May 03, 2004

6 Month!!!

Today, I woke up with a mood for spring cleaning, although there wasn’t any season happening in my area accepts for my period. Anyway, accompany with my best selection of music, with sleeve fold up and with the right equipment, I was ready. As I sweep, brush, dust and my ass swinging toward the music, clumsily of me, I knock over my cupboard and hit a few thing down. There they were my photo album, my pass history flashes in front of me. As I put down the duster, I pick up the photos and slowly flip trough. Aside from seeing my old ugly self with some bad hair-do with silly out-of-date fashion and some silly action, I notice that it have brought me back to who I was previously and who I have come over and who have change the person I am today. There were some smiling faces which still remember in my mind, and some who I wish I never meet. Some of them were my best friends who have become my worst enemies. Then it got me thinking about the conversation I had with my friend yesterday about this topic “6th month”. I couldn’t help but sit there and wonder, it was back then during college, that I have knew this person for 6 wonderful months and how we started from a simple handshake to become a wonderful friendship. Eventually after 6 month, we argue and never spoke for another 6 month. We become friend (*Again) after that and continue our journey of friendship and try to repair what have been broken for that pass 6 month. However, thing doesn’t work out for that 6 month of repairing our friendship, instead making it even worst. Now, it been 6 month that we didn’t even contact and in this six month, I gain a lot of new friendship aside from losing 1 best friend. Now, my company assign me into this project in some where else which will took 6 month and my colleague decided that we should stay together. It actually freaked me out hearing another 6 month. It feels like a dejavu with different scene but always the same old bad experience. If I were given a chance to turn back time, would I be fixing thing up between me and my 6-month-awful-partner? Is it worth being friend again since fate wasn’t there for us? People say that we learn from mistake, but will I ever learn about this mistake. A part of me still wanted us to be friend again but will that guarantee no-breaking-heart in future. However, I will be away for 6 month and hope that the project will clear my mind off. 6 month, it may look long, but it can be a blink of an eye and by the time you realize it, there are many thing happen within that 6 month.


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