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Monday, April 12, 2004


Today, at work and like any usual day, if I were not in touch with any programming or debugging, I would most probably killing time off. Like any usual day, I would surf the net trying to keep in touch with my so-called world of fashion, entertainment, art, sex, life and so much more. Mind me, although I am a programmer (which I think it is such a shame), I don’t limit myself to one particular thing but enjoy the state of beauty around me. Okay, I’m starting to talk weird! Anyhow, I was 50% looking trough some stuff about this taxonomy and also “Oracle” and another 50% wondering around about “How’s life going on?” So, 50% + 50% = “I am so 100% BORED!” So, speaking of taxonomy, it have occur to me that, if I were to taxonomies or simply classify the people in my work place, it would be simply fun (or I should say, I think I’m too free). Let me see, we definitely have a group of species which I believe to have low sense in communication with other people but do have the brain of every people. This species actually interest me, where they do speak a certain language which nobody and I mean everybody didn’t understand. Another species, which I believe they were once kidnapped and somehow brainwash and being inject with some kind of drug which enable them to speak good English (* with slang) and I think the drug somehow show some side effect where it somehow, lower their body metabolism which eventually make them vulnerable to cold. Ah, the origins (which survive the kidnapped) seem to be the kind of species that is trying to evolve and have a limited and hard mind to accept and to open to other people culture. Finally, the untouchable species! This species hold the majorities among other species and actually, to be frank, I dare not describe this species (HAHA, I might get into serious trouble). Anyway, there are many underground species that I haven’t look into and yet to be found. So thank you for watching Frappucinno’s taxonomy section, where anything is taxonomies…


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LOL =) haha.

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