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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Having some bad sector in my brain cell, blacked eye from staring too much on computer’s screen and pride that feel like falling down from 100 storey high building and just splat every time I leave the front door of my office. Having to walk in hall way that never end and enter a lift where my body just collapse at the corner edge and wish the lift just crash down. Going back to my trashy home was bad enough but going back with no satisfactory, is even worst. Come to think of it, I get over the fact that “temporary high” that used to satisfy me was old new, but where is it when you need one. I used to have faith and believe that I could do anything I wanted but now, I have proved that I was wrong. It is like you are ready to come into a new world filling with excitement but wasn’t ready for the unexpected. Now it have shake me to the core that will I ever live up to the expectation. Mya & Mase might sing “Take me there” but now, I don’t think I want to be there anymore. People say that we learn from failure, but it seems that failure is all I do. Living in a world where every second is counted and I couldn’t help but notice that I am way behind and everybody is out in front running further and further away. Feeling really tired right now, but still, I want to move forward but it is so damn F***KING hard. How come people can run in a simple straight line, where else I am trap in a maze where I keep running around and getting nowhere. Life is so unfair!!!


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