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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Sleepless night!!!

It was 2 a.m. in the morning and I’m feeling restless. I don’t know what keeping me awake but like any usual late night, I will usually roll from left to right just to force myself to sleep. Instead, I pour myself a glass of Champaign and sit cozily at a corner of my bed with blanket over me. I look out to my window and see nothing but dark alley accompany with lonely whispering sound of the wind. That night, the moon deserted me but at least I got my “crossgen” to keep me company. To me, I usually would sleep if I read anything which I intended to do, but somehow the book fascinates me. This book is about this 5 different world where each has their own culture, beauty, background and what intrigues me was how they all fight for what they believe and fight for their love. 5 different worlds, with 5 different story, 5 different power but somehow connected with a single “Sigel”. Anyway, after reading the book, I couldn’t help but wonder, we all live in a single world, but war seem to be happening everywhere and anywhere. Why can’t all unite as one harmonize nation where we don’t have to worry about war and suffering. But then again, there are parts of me wishing that in some way, we could play the part in the comic itself. Wouldn’t it be fun if we get to wear cool armor in sigil, own a floating city of meridian, the power of the first, cool classic of scion and elegant custom and magic from mystic. Anyway, it is almost 3 a.m., it is time to get some sleep or else I couldn’t wake up to work. Goodnight…


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