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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Silence + Silence too much = concern + new watch!!!

I was half way drilling my mind on, how to extract data out from database to the asp pages and store into crystal report software to generate a rather quite amusing report. It was then, my MSN messenger starting to (*Beep) and I saw the message saying “Are you doing fine, are you alright?” from my project manager. To my curious and suspicious thought, I was wondering why she would say so (although it was very kind of her to ask me). So I reply saying that I’m OK plus asking is there anything wrong and what would make her think in such a way (seem like rude of me for asking...Hehe). It was then, that I wish that I didn’t ask her at all because she replies; saying that I was too quiet and I didn’t make any noise for whole day (I feel insulted in a good way). Anyway, not only her that make such comment, event my HR Manager said that she couldn’t hear my voice over her room. What wrong with these people? I though those silences are suppose to be golden and since when “Being Noisy” are the hip or hap in the crowd nowadays. I come back home and my roommate start to concern about me just because I was too F***ing quiet. So, I admit that I am a bit crazy and do make a lot of noise, but I though that people find me boring, (which their forehead is written so clearly) and all I ever make noise is criticizing people, sing terribly, plain annoying and pain in the ass (I don’t see any “Hap” about it). Anyway, today I was back early from work and me and my roommate have a very enjoyable conversation (the reason cause, he spend most of his time with his girlfriend and I rarely see him at home) and he gave me a new watch (because it is too big for him). So free stuff for me and another accessory to include in my collection. Cheer for being too noisy!!!


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